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Bloomington Athletic Association


By registering with the Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA), each coach, player, and participant agrees to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

1. As a representative of BAA, every coach, parent, and participant must at all times set examples of good sportsmanship.

2. Coaches, players, and parents will not â??berate, make derisive remarks or verbally or physically abuse any official, referee, or umpire at any time.â??

3. Unsportsmanlike or violent conduct will not be tolerated in BAA. Any fighting or unsuitable behavior will be dealt with sternly by the Commissioner, Sports Committee, or the Vice President of Sports Operations.

4. Coaches are responsible for their behavior and that of the assistant coaches, players, parents, and spectators. Upon request of the officials, the coaches have the authority to remove any spectator who is disrupting the game.

5. Offensive language, derogatory remarks, or profanity used by coaches, players, parents, or spectators is unacceptable.

6. It is the intent of the BAA to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to all of its members. It is a privilege to participate in the BAA program. Coaches, Sports Directors, Commissioners and the Executive Committee will deal with any member who is physically or verbally abusing another member or their property.

7. Coaches, players, and parents agree to read the rulebook and to know all rules pertaining to the sport they are participating in.

8. Please respect Bloomington Public School and the City of Bloomington property and staff.

We have read the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by these rules. All parents with registered players have accepted this in their registration process online.

Spectator Guidelines

NO ALCOHOL, SMOKING, OR VAPING is allowed at any BAA Games, Practices, or evaluations.

  1. BAA is not a drop off program, parents should be onsite during games and practices. Parents who cannot attend the game will pick up or make arrangements for their child to be picked up immediately following the game. If a parent is not there to pick the child up at the end of the game, be aware that the coach can call 911 and have the child brought home by the police.

  2. If your child cannot attend a game let the coach know as soon as possible, but no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the game. Our Volunteer Coaches work hard, and spend a lot of time setting up player rotation sheets to comply with the rotation rules. Last-minute changes make this very difficult.

  3. No parent/spectator will berate or belittle their child, or any other child, during the game or when the child is on the bench.

  4. The use of foul language will not be tolerated.

  5. Parents are encouraged to come to the bench and give the players praise and encouragement. Friends and siblings are not allowed to sit on the bench.

  6. No parent will heckle or ride the umpire/referee, volunteers, opposing team members, or opposing spectators.

  7. All parents are encouraged to help. Tell the coaches you'd like to help.

  8. If any parent is having any trouble with another parent or coach please address the problem with the coach, without delay.

  9. If there is any problem that cannot be resolved by talking with the coach, the parent should submit a incident report by clicking here online:

Please come and watch your child play and give positive reinforcement!

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